Handpan accessoir

Handpan stand in Black Walnut

A handmade handpan stand, for all handpan lovers and players.

A beautiful piece of furniture, great value on a stand that also has visual appeal.
The magic of a beautiful handpan needs a functional, minimalist and elegant stand.
A quality piece of furniture that will look great in your living room.
Made with black walnut.

Benefits include more mobility around the instrument for speed and ease of playing and increased resonance due to reduced bottom dampening.

This handpan stand is guaranteed to have good stability.
Available in two ergonomic heights.

The height from the floor to the seam of your Handpan is approximately:
- 58 cm
- 65 cm

Black walnut, rubber supports, brass

- wax

The dimensions when folded are:
84cm x 9cm x 2.6cm


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